Who is Marc Silvestri?

Marc’s early passion lies in the equine industry, which he later expands by exploring Neuroscience during additional studies on Animal and Human Psychology. Today, Marc is a trainer, coach, motivator, philosopher and a guide for mindful success in life and work for individuals and organizations.


How to create positive changes

and bring your life in

a new dimension?

Change means to get out of your familiar zone,

to be exposed to newness, uncertainty

and sometimes even fear and pain.

How to run those energies,

how to overcome difficulties and challenges.

A unique approach based on meditation,

tai chi principles, mindful leadership and neuropsychology.

It’s a life booster


How to optimise individual

and team performance?

it’s very easy to drift into a negative mindset

and to feel overwhelmed into multi task,

lack of meaning, raise of stress and anxiety.  

Marc proposes tailor made workshops and courses

to optimise individual and team performance. 

It’s a human capital booster

Keynote Speaking

Conferences, company meetings

or any special event

Marc can present a lecture

including a mindful experience. 

Two hours to create the click and

to demonstrate how Mindfulness

can help reduce stress and

create a more engaged workforce 

amongst employees and teams. 


It takes little time to be with Marc in order to get inspired to embrace our own potential and instead of feeling stuck, just to go for a life of freedom and change. His approach to life through connecting the concepts of Zen and high performance is admirable and I learned a lot from it. The tools he shares and teaches impacted my straight away in my personal life and work. Thank you Marc for the ability to get the potential out of us.

Radmila S. Van Os
Founder, Generation Why Not

I have known Marc for more than 4 years. Through his challenging journey in Cambodia as an entrepreneur, he has developed a strong mindset, coupled with the main characteristics of great achievers: vision, determination, focus, perseverance, letting flourish his passion for empowering people to be the best version of themselves. I am confident that Marc will be part of the world-class leaders contributing to make this world a better one.

Entrepreneur, Peak performance coach

The most impressive and valuable take away from this session is how to stay focus, manage my mind and have energy. Marc is very professional and total in control the session and lead the team very well, he expressed the key information very well even some of my team don’t know English very well. And the inspiring story Marc shared with us is very motivating. I can feel the faith and strong beliefs in him. Very good learning experience.

Jeff Qiao
DoubleTree by Hilton Shenzhen Longhua

I met Marc last year through a friend of mine. At that time I needed a boast in my life and he happened to arrive at the perfect time. I felt instantly inspired by the person he is as he was able to guide me with a very pragmatic approach, staying realistic and factual.Marc has a very gently way of approaching people with a strong determination to guide them something he acquired through martial arts. His sincerity and self awareness can only affect you positively to find this strong determination within yourself.

Alain Bitton
English teacher