Zen & Performance programs exist to empower people and organizations to level up their talent, skills and potential and transition into a life of full focus and achievement. By developing , we provide guidance for lifting-up performance and redefining expectations, goals and potential for achieving highest results.


Zen & Performance programs create a world of empowered individuals who are skilled to live a fulfilling life and lead organizations with focus, determination and growth mindset. The world is a place where people practice self-leadership which results in mindful success – on an individual, community and organizational level.

I believe a person’s character is the natural gift worth nurturing and developing to serve its real purpose.

I believe honesty in dealing with oneself secures potential for improvement and advancement in all aspects of life.

This is the foundation on which we build integrity that is our guardian in the times of change and challenges.

I believe only true commitment yields the highest results.

I believe in living with passion. Following what excites us, what we love and what feels right to us is the ultimate way to happiness and fulfillment

I believe that faith is the best ally we can have. It takes you anywhere.

I search for excellence – Continuously learning creates the path to high achievement.

I believe that contribution with a powerful intention is a source of happiness

I believe self-leadership practice is the way forward for our society. Self-esteem, self-knowledge and self-confidence are our own responsibility to build, maintain and advance in order to awaken the best within ourselves.