What is Zen & Performance program and why it matters:

97 % of people live their life trapped into the hypnotic rhythm of today’s world – Harvard Business School reports. We live in a rapidly changing and competitive world. It’s never easy to be exposed to newness and changes. Those challenges are part of our daily life. As soon as we decide to change something in our life, when we make the choice to do something different, we need to be prepared because it’s going to be uncomfortable, uncertain and unfamiliar. But at the end, we get unexpected results such as increase of stress, fear and anxiety. Moreover, we live in a world of distraction, obsessed with speed and performance. In everything we do, we think we need to be faster. We are just rushing into this rat race hoping to accomplish more within a day.

How to run those energies, what to do to develop bravery, self-confidence and self-esteem?

Zen & Performance combines the most effective methodology to rewire the brain and operate a mindset shift. Marc’s approach is based on Neuropsychology, Entrepreneurship, Meditation and Martial Arts principles. Marc’s purpose is to take people through this special passage of self-discovery, encouraging them to overcome obstacles, re-discover their faith and meet the best version of themselves.

Zen & Performance is unlike any other kind of coaching or trainings. It’s not only a mental approach but an experience of transformation on how to unlock and use the power of the subconscious mind.


Who is Zen & Performance for:

Zen & Performance program is suitable for business people, entrepreneurs, but also for individuals, groups and professionals submitted to stress/pressure and in search for greater performance in life and work.

How will this training program help you in your everyday life:

  • You’ll develop mental clarity and discernment
  • You’ll be able to beat procrastination and increase your level of energy
  • You’ll get rid of the damages caused by the energy of stress and anxiety
  • You’ll know how to re-orientate negative mindset for a more positive purpose
  • You’ll be able to reframe challenges and difficulties in opportunities
  • You’ll undock your potential for excellency

You will learn how to:

Use the brain always to your benefit

Think and feel in a more positive way to get a more balanced life

Develop clarity of thoughts

Manage emotions and gain self-control overcome fear and develop an undefeatable approach in life and work

Develop a growth mindset and implement new behaviors to get positive results with higher discipline, persistence and character

Gain confidence and self-esteem, raise engagement level

Open-up to new and diverse perspectives and possibilities in life and work

Connect with new inner resources to transform challenges and difficulties into opportunities

Develop strategies to beat procrastination